Take Advantage of Simple, Fast, and Mobile Friendly Bulk Marketing Solution Designed for Property Agents, Brokers, Wholesalers, and Investors

Convenient and Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns

EliteSend allows you to quickly send an unlimited amount of SMS messages to thousands of contacts without disturbing them with calls. SMS Bulk Marketing proves to be much more effective and less time-consuming than traditional cold calling. The service can also be used to promote events, make reminders, and send confirmation messages.

  • Quick Setup and Great Customization Features
  • Send personalized SMS messages via the API
  • Deliver Thousands of Messages Automatically
  • Analyze Performance and Make Adjustments

Advanced and Swift Ringless Voicemail (RVM) 

The advantage of using RVM is that the customer’s phone never rings. Statistically, RVMs are more successful than calls and can greatly improve conversion. The service is straightforward and performs phenomenally fast.

  • Deliver personalized RVMs via the API
  • No Direct Calls and Annoying Ringing
  • Direct Connection to the Voicemail Server
  • No Hidden Billing for Subscribers
  • Safe and FCC Compliant

Innovative and Helpful Voice Broadcast Service

By using EliteSend you’ll be able to easily record voice messages and quickly send them to any number of contacts. Voice Broadcasts are useful for automating customer alerts, conducting surveys, soliciting re-orders, and promoting. 

  • Quick and Easy to Start
  • Record and Upload an Unlimited Amount of Messages
  • Easily Manage the List of Phone Numbers
  • Show a Voice Message from the Number you Choose
  • Campaign Management and Advanced Reporting Systems

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